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Tier Levels

Tier Levels

What are the tier levels associated with my plan?

We use a 4-Tier system.

Tier 1: First Line Support

  • End-user tech support
  • Troubleshooting
  • User account management
  • Detection of potential major incidents and problems
  • Proactive maintenance and incident management
  • Patch Management
  • Software installation
  • Issue documentation and resolution steps

Tier 2: Technical Support
Where things get a tad more complex, so you’ll need more experienced analysts.

  • Troubleshooting incidents that couldn’t be solved at Tier 1.
  • Creating knowledgebase articles to help users and Tier 1 agents.
  • Visiting the end-user, usually through remote monitoring and management.
  • Creating documentation of the issues and remedy attempts.

Tier 3: Expert Support
This is the highest level in terms of IT support.

  • Monitoring support queues to make sure that tickets are scaled appropriately
  • Troubleshooting incidents that couldn’t be solved before.
  • Providing knowledgebase articles.
  • Assisting in problem and major incident resolution.
  • Documenting the issue and providing details on resolution attempts.

Tier 4: Third-Party Support

Usually outside technical support, but can be provided in-house by our certified teams, depending on the program or software.

  • If you need to make use of a third-party vendor warranty.
  • If your organization doesn’t provide in-house support.

*As you advance Tiers, you get all the items listed in the previous tier.

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