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Email Support

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Setting up or troubleshooting your email account.

We provide online email support services to setup and troubleshoot your email accounts.

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Standard Member Price

Support for one account
Configure settings
30 day free support
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Email Account

Support for one account
Configure Account Settings
Configure Account Features
Demonstrate Webmail Functions
Setup New Account
Home or Business-Use
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Premium Member Price

Support for one account
Configure Settings
30 day free support
Premium Support
Frequently Asked Questions


I don't have an email account. Can OpenTech help with that?
We can assist you in selecting an email provider and setting up your account, so don't worry about a thing.
I have an issue with my account, not email. Can you help?
Booking our service is the first step to getting your issue resolved quickly. Once you've provided us with the details, we'll do our best to get you up and running as soon as possible.
Can you help with my email account?
If you're facing issues with your email, don't worry – OpenTech is here to help. Our team specializes in troubleshooting common email-related problems. We'll work with you to identify and fix issues such as trouble with sending or receiving messages, missing or duplicated emails, and undeliverable emails.
What's included in this plan?
This Email or Online Account Setup service with OpenTech includes: Troubleshooting or setting up one active email account, configuring account settings and features, demonstrating webmail functionality, and instant online support.

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