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Celebrate your new computer with the ultimate configuration.

Allow us to set up your device so that it runs seamlessly for years to come.

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Data Migration
Security Report
Removal of Bloatware
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Full Service

Security Configuration
M365 Configuration
Email Client Configuration
7-Day Post-Support
Service Plan Discount
Unlimited Possibilities
We're here to help manage your devices from the very beginning.
Let us troubleshoot app compatibility with your new device.
Optimal Network Update
We can also update your network to get the most out of your new device.
Tech Gurus

Your device, without limitations, with you.

Your device reflects your personality, from the desktop wallpaper down to the volume settings. Give it the care it deserves with an OpenTech Service Plan.

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Expert Support
Expert Support
Only certified technicians handle your device – no amateurs here!
We walk you through steps of diagnosing and repairing your device.
Security. First.
Security. First.
We are dedicated to safeguarding the security of your device. Trust us to provide the necessary protection.
Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & Answers

Your new system is ready and waiting for you!

Can you migrate my data?
Don't worry, we can transfer your data to a new device as long as your old one is functional. However, if your data is not remotely accessible, simply send us your old device and we'll upload your information to our secure cloud. We'll take care of the rest and migrate your data from there.
What if my computer is not new?
Whether your computer is new from the store or new to you, we can handle it. New refers to a device that has not been personalized or customized by you.
Will you provide security software?
We can provide security software, for a monthly fee. Security software provides the necessary protections from known threats.
Do I get future updates?
With the new computer setup service, you can sign up to get future support with our Remote PC Repair service or you can choose a service plan.

Didn't find the right response? Let us know.

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