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Not only can affordable IT services save you money, but they can also offer you access to cutting-edge technology tools and solutions to streamline your business operations.

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Cyber Specialists at your fingertips

Protect crucial workloads with cyber protection

Our team will conduct a thorough analysis of your system to ensure its security and establish preventative measures against any potential threats.

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Remote PC Repair

Trust us for all of your technical needs. With our expert team, we guarantee a seamless experience. We'll connect with your system, fix any issues, and you can watch it all happen in real-time.

$ 79
$ 59
$ 39
Diagnosis, Repair & Optimization

To diagnose a problem, it's essential to identify symptoms, analyze data, and test various components to determine the root cause. After diagnosing the issue, repair work can start.

$ 79
$ 65
$ 45
Virus, Trojan & Malware Removal

If your device has been infected, we can help you with removing viruses and spyware. Our team is also proficient in resolving operating system issues, such as start-up errors and blue screens.

$ 79
$ 59
$ 39
New Computer Setup

Dealing with new equipment setup can be a huge hassle. There are so many cords to connect, settings to adjust, and confusing software to install. But don't worry, our IT experts are here to help.

$ 84
$ 49
Mobile Device Support

Trouble with Your Tablet or iPad? Let Our Trained Technicians Find the Right Solutions
If you're experiencing problems with your tablet or iPad, don't worry. We'll diagnose the issue and provide the best solution to get you back to your daily routine.

$ 69
$ 59
$ 44
Microsoft 365 Support

We offer support services for various Microsoft products, including Microsoft 365. You can trust us to resolve any issues quickly and get you back up and running in no time.

$ 49
$ 45
$ 39
Internet Browser Support

Are you experiencing slow browsing speeds or unresponsive windows? Our team of experts can help by identifying and resolving any underlying issues affecting your browser's performance.

$ 16
$ 12
$ 8
Email Support

Are you experiencing problems with sending or receiving emails? Are you having trouble setting up an email client or transferring your account to another service or client? Our team of experts is here to assist you.

$ 29
$ 21
$ 14
Printer Support

Are you struggling with printer issues? Whether you need to connect your printer to your computer or mobile device, our team of highly skilled technicians is standing by to provide you with the support you need.

$ 89
$ 69
$ 54
Smartphone Support

Encountering Phone Issues? Let Us Help You Troubleshoot and Resolve the Problem. We'll Get You Up and Running in No Time.

$ 79
$ 59
$ 39
Server Support

Our team is equipped to provide assistance with a variety of server-related issues. Trust us to troubleshoot and solve any problems that may arise, and verify optimal performance.

$ 129
$ 109
*Table contains starting prices
Warranty Plans
Our warranty plans cover a range of devices bought within the last 60 days.
Regular Backups
Backup Regularly with Standard and Premium Plans for up to 5 Devices.
Software Discounts
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Service Plans
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$ 429.99
$ 59.99
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$ 79.99
$ 929.99
Service Plans
Ensure Your Devices Run Smoothly with an OpenTech Service Plan.
Service Discounts
Discounted Services Available Exclusively Through Your Service Plan.
You're Covered
Service plans encompass a wide range of common and uncommon issues.
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